Our History

Our company was founded in 1942 as Fisher Gauge Limited by Bill Fisher, an inventor and skilled tool and die maker, to solve complex assembly problems. As the business grew Bill was joined by his brothers Frank and Chester.

Bill and Frank Fisher Originally involved in the design and manufacture of tools and gauges, the company was challenged by Canadian General Electric to tackle the difficult problem of attaching a disk to a thin shaft. The assembly formed the core of an electric watt-hour meter and required precise concentricity and limited run-out. A unique hot chamber die casting system was developed that joined the two components with injected molten metal to precise tolerances.

By the mid-1950s, the entire North American meter industry was using this Injected Metal Assembly (IMA) process, while the company continued developing IMA solutions for a wide range of assembly applications.

Bill and Chester Fisher with a customer Both the telephone and auto industries were asking for high quality precision metal parts cast in zinc alloy, which led the company to develop proprietary zinc alloy, hot chamber die casting machines in the late 1950s. Driven to meet the same high quality standards of the IMA process, these die casting machines and their tooling were designed to produce close tolerance net shape, flash-free zinc alloy components a capability for which FisherCast has become internationally renowned.

In the mid-1990s, FisherCast opened the Welshpool, Wales die casting plant to enhance service to the European market. Also, in the mid-1990s, General Motors Corporation enlisted FisherCast in the development of a new zinc alloy, ACuZinc, which extends the use of this metal into high strength, high wear applications.

Today, FisherCast continues to produce zinc die castings, and has used its expertise in molten metal technologies to die cast magnesium components to net shape, flash-free precision, offering customers cost-cutting and quality benefits not available from traditional magnesium die casting firms.

Bill and Chester